• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation (hereafter "the Foundation") recognizes that working to protect the personal information obtained in the course of its business activities is a social obligation. The Foundation has formulated the following privacy policy, and it recognizes the importance of personal information, handles such information with great care, and works to protect such information.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Foundation is in compliance with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and other relevant standards, and handles personal information appropriately.

2. Obtaining personal information

When obtaining personal information, the Foundation specifies and clearly defines its purpose of use as much as possible, and obtains such information by legitimate and fair means.

3. Use of personal information

The Foundation makes use of personal information to the extent defined regarding purpose of use when it obtains such information, and to the extent necessary for the achievement of such purpose.
Furthermore, in cases where the Foundation has its employees handle personal information or entrusts the handling of personal information to a third party, the Foundation subjects such employee or third party to a strict investigation, and carries out appropriate supervision in order to have them maintain confidentiality.

4. Management of personal information

The Foundation works to keep personal information up-to-date and accurate to the extent necessary to achieve its purpose in using such information. The Foundation manages such personal information appropriately to prevent occurences of theft, loss, falsification, misuse, leakage or otherwise, and operates the security measures necessary for these purposes.

5. Provision of personal information to third parties

Aside from cases determined in relevant laws and regulations, etc., the Foundation shall not provide personal information to third parties without securing the prior agreement of the person whose information it is.

6. Disclosure, correction, and discontinuation of use, etc., of personal information

In cases where there is a request for the Foundation to disclose, correct, make additions to, delete, or discontinue its use of personal information from the person whose personal information it is, the Foundation shall comply with such request adequately and promptly after carrying out necessary investigations such as identity checks.

7. System for management of personal information

The Foundation shall establish a management system to handle personal information appropriately, and shall manage such information safely and adequately.
Furthermore, the Foundation shall thoroughly entrench the protection of personal information by such means as the promotion of employee awareness and the adequate and prompt handling of complaints.

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