Foundation Overview


Over a year has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Infrastructure which forms the basis of people's daily lives, including utilities and transportation networks, is slowly but surely coming together. But this is just the beginning. Industry recovery in the afflicted regions is only half complete, and funding and resources for it remain scarce. In order to restore the once vibrant industries which supported the regions to date, such as fishing and agriculture, it is vital to bring about much needed employment and boost industry growth as a whole.

Mitsubishi Corporation’s philosophy is enshrined in its Three Corporate Principles, which comprise of ‘Corporate Responsibility to Society’, ‘Integrity and Fairness’ and ‘Global Understanding through Business’. Since its founding, the company has aimed to foster a business which contributes to the future of society, whilst ensuring a sense of fairness and integrity in communities and environments where it operates. In keeping with this spirit, the company established the ‘Mitsubishi Corporation East Japan Earthquake Recovery Fund’ soon after the earthquake. Totaling 10 billion JPY, the company has used this Fund to implement a range of support measures, including the provision of emergency supplies, scholarships for students whose education have been affected, as well as grants for NPOs that are engaged in on-the-ground recovery efforts.

To complement the above, Mitsubishi Corporation also established the ‘Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation’ one year on. While continuing with the measures implemented through the Fund, the purpose of the Foundation is to contribute towards long-term, sustainable industry growth

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